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Project Description
An AJAX Control based on the ASP,NET AJAX framework that provides an exploding type animation for ASP.NET SiteMap site navigation. Allows drill down and reverse traversal using smooth bounded animation.

General Information
This project was originally part of the AJAX Control toolkit, but only in prototype form. For over a year minor modifications were made but it was never made a part of the AJAX Control toolkit as I never fully completed all the pre-requisites and unit tests required. Since it would be a waste if this project was left un-used and and unattended, I felt it was best to make it a Codeplex project for others to at least use, and potentially contribute to.

And here we are ....

This control will simply hook into whatever structure is defined in the Web.Sitemap file and present an animated menu display to navigate the site.

You can view a very small sample of what this does here:
Since its hosted on my personal site, the site hierarchy is not very deep so its not a good example (as well as the styling is crap) but once the page loads, if you click on the Photos/Albums link, you will get an idea of how this control works from the sites web.sitemap configuration.

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